The Pilates method was created by Joseph Hubertus Pilates at the beginning of the 20th century.
It is a fitness physical and mental training system that focuses on developing internal muscles, in order to keep your body balance and to give stability and resistance to your backbone.
The Pilates method has evolved through time and currently there are many different types and modalities of Pilates. Nonetheless, all of them must follow some basic principles:


All exercises are fundamentally composed by controlled, and very self-conscious movements that are to be constantly coordinated with breathing. Correctly performing all the different movements that constitute each exercise is more important than repeating the exercise or a series of exercises several times.

Two very important aspects to bear in mind are breathing and what Pilates himself called the powerhouse, which belongs to the lower part of the torso, like a stripe that binds up around the lumbar and the abdominal regions. It basically refers to, but does not limits itself to, the transverse abdominal muscle. The key factor of this method is precisely strengthening this muscle, which makes our body move freely and in great balance, thus avoiding unhealthy movements and compensations. Pilates exercises start and finish within this area, and then they flow towards the limbs.

“A strong powerhouse is the key to a body that functions as a single unit”.

J.H. Pilates